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Risk Assessment Tools

Since a main purpose of FMEA is to drive quality improvement through a focus on high-risk factors, Byteworx FMEA provides a full set of visual and reporting tools to assist you in this assessment -- both during and after primary FMEA development.

Easily monitor and report status of high-risk items

Byteworx FMEA can analyze and report on your FMEA by RPN, Criticality, and Special Characteristics (Classification). You can report out either all items or "Top 5" items.  And you can either print your report, send it via e-mail1, or transfer it to Microsoft Word2 or Excel2.  Click on any of the pictures below for an enlarged view of that report (large images may take a few moments to display depending on your Internet connection).

Risk Priority (RPN) Report

RPN Report

Criticality Report

Severity X Occurrence Report

Special Characteristics (Classification) Report

Classification Report

Special Characteristics (Classification) Analysis

Classification Analysis

Automatic Computation of RPNs and Special Characteristics (Classifications)

Byteworx FMEA automatically calculates Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) and Classification codes. Resulting Special Characteristics (Classifications) are visually flagged in red.

Automatic RPN computationZoom


1 Report e-mailing feature requires Microsoft Outlook.
2 Requires Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.