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Faster, More Accurate Data Entry

Intelligent Pick Lists for quick entry of recurring text

Data entry in Byteworx is quick. Pop up a Pick List over any column in your FMEA to quickly enter recurring text, re-using information from elsewhere in your FMEA or other FMEAs with a few clicks of your mouse. You can choose any combination of previous entries (from the FMEA study at hand, or from an entire database of FMEAs). The list can be filtered by key-word. You can even select text from on-line databases or web sites such as an 8D database. Below, we show a Pick List popped up over a data entry screen:

Built-in Rating Tables for accurate selection of Severity, Occurrence and Detection

Accurately ranking Severity, Occurrence and Detection (as well as revised S-O-D after Recommended Actions) is crucial to a meaningful and useful FMEA study. Rating Tables with complete explanatory criteria are built right in to Byteworx FMEA, and all are fully up-to-date with the changes made in FMEA 4th Edition (SAE J1739).

Below we show a pop-up rating table as seen during FMEA editing. All rating tables can be zoomed or displayed full-screen (which is helpful in a team setting), and all can be printed for reference or e-mailed.

Copy, cut and paste text, entire cells and entire blocks with ease

Byteworx FMEA lets you easily rearrange, duplicate or delete individual items or entire blocks of your FMEA with a few quick clicks.

Automatic spelling checker with learning capability

Our 100,000+ word spelling checker automatically calls misspelled or unknown words to your attention. You can then correct the spelling by hand, choose from an offered list of alternatives, or add the word to your personal dictionary. The spelling checker can be set to watch as you work, or you can switch it off and simply have it check your entire FMEA top to bottom at your command.