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Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Byteworx FMEA provides two different ways of working with your FMEA -- spreadsheet-style FMEA editing similar to Microsoft Excel1 and FMEAplus2, and outline-style FMEA editing similar to Microsoft Outlook3.  Use whichever you like, and go back and forth between them as you please.

Spreadsheet-Style Editing

Familiar with Microsoft Excel1? You'll be right at home immediately with the spreadsheet-style FMEA editing in Byteworx FMEA.  And if you're used to the old FMEAplus2 software, you'll appreciate familiar keyboard shortcuts such as [Alt+B] to insert a new item. Below we show a Process FMEA during editing; click on the illustration if you'd like a larger view (may take a few moments to display depending on your Internet connection speed):

Outline-Style Editing

You may prefer Byteworx FMEA's Outline-style FMEA editing option.  With Outline-style editing, you see your entire FMEA displayed in outline form on the left side, and the individual page you're working on on the right side.  This is similar to how Microsoft Outlook3 works.

Below we show Outline-style editing of the same Process FMEA as above.  The outline panel on the left shows the structure of your FMEA and gives you easy access to any element in it.  On the right, the selected element (in this case, Cause #1.2.2) is open for editing.  The help panel at lower left provides detailed information about whatever item you're working on (and gives you instant access to reference materials, a software tutorial, and more).  You can resize or hide any panel as desired.

Color-coding and automatic reference numbering

Byteworx FMEA makes it easy to navigate your way around in your FMEA.  As you may have noticed from the illustrations above, Byteworx FMEA automatically color-codes the elements of your FMEA.  Color-coding -- which can be switched off if you prefer -- provides a helpful "visual cue" to what you're working on at any given moment.

Automatic reference numbering (such as "Function 5" or "Cause 1.1.1") also help you quickly find your location in a large FMEA.  As with color-coding, reference numbers can be switched on or off as you prefer.

1 Microsoft Excel is a trademarked product of Microsoft Corporation.
2 FMEAplus is a trademarked product of the Ford Motor Company.
3 Microsoft Outlook is a trademarked product of Microsoft Corporation.