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Follow Up and Follow Through

Track overdue and completed status on Recommended Actions, and e-mail reminder notices to persons responsible. Report out progress on actions by date due, person responsible or in a calendar style.

Older FMEA software, and alternatives such as "make your own" FMEA spreadsheets and FMEA software based on spreadsheets, can't go very far in analyzing the data in the FMEA.

Byteworx FMEA, however, is built around a true database system, and can provide a wealth of useful reports and analyses. If you have Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail software, you can even send reminders on Recommended Actions directly from your FMEA.

Below is shown a Recommended Actions by Responsibility report, showing task status ("overdue" in this case, flagged in red) and the underlying information that generated the action.  

Use the Post-Work Checklist to remind and document important follow-through activities.

Byteworx FMEA incorporates an electronic Post-Work Checklist as a reminder of important FMEA close-out and follow-up activities: