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Guides You Through the FMEA Process

Byteworx FMEA goes beyond just editing the familiar FMEA worksheet, encapsulating the entire process of conducting an FMEA study.

Our Pre-Work Checklist page reminds of steps to take and information to gather before your first team meeting and lets you attach and permanently store supporting documents such as P-Diagrams, Boundary Diagrams, and 8-D analyses.

In this view, the Outline is set to display a "System Tree" (it can also show a simple FMEA list, a Customer Tree, or a combined Customer-System Tree).  The Pre-Work Checklist assures none of the essential preparatory steps are missed, and provides a place to permanently attach and store various supporting documents (some required, some optional).

During FMEA development, the automatic red-yellow-green “Traffic Light Review” flags incomplete or missing items and helps you with basic FMEA “rules”.

Here's an example of the traffic-light review system at work during FMEA editing in the Page View.  The right-hand panel below shows a Cause that is being developed, but there are two "traffic light" conditions: the Detection has not been ranked, and (because this Cause has generated a YS classification) at least one Recommended Action is mandated.  (Also notice that the YS classification has automatically been visually flagged in red).

Here's another example, this one showing Byteworx FMEA's "traffic light review" providing advice during FMEA editing in the FMEA Detail View:

Click the Finish button to have the software run a complete review of your FMEA and present any remaining issues in an easy-to-find, easy-to-fix format, then run a submission-quality FMEA print-out.  

And the Post-Work Checklist reminds of closeout and follow-up procedures and actions.